The Strategy.

10 05 2011

I enjoy reading during my free time. The last issue I’ve found concerning innovative business is The Shibumi Strategy by Matthew E. May.

You can find an article about this book here, but the main concepts taken from the book are these 7:

Refrain from adding features that are not absolutely necessary from the beginning. [Koko – austerity]
Keep only what really matters [Kanso – simplicity]
Develop you idea to fit naturally occurring patterns and rhythms. [Shizen – naturalness]
Limit information to raise interest and increase other imagination [Yugen – subtlety]
Beauty consists in imperfection, as is naturally. Leave the door open for others to co-create with you [Fukinsei – imperfection, asymmetry]
Quiet your mind, designate time and place for creative solitude [Seijaku – stilness, quietude, solitude]
Always change your routine, do something new to re-energize [Datsuzoku – break from routine]




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