The First Twelve.

10 05 2011

This is focal, so get ready.

The first year of owning a business comes with great moments of excitement followed by periods of terror. It’s kind of like being heavily medicated. Here are just a few lessons I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way…

Being The Face Of A Business: means you are a target, sometimes for praise and sometimes…not.
Details: first impressions count. especially the bad ones. plan, then execute.
Attachments: before you hit send, check your attachment.
Research: you can’t serve a client if you haven’t taken the time to understand them.
Branding: defining your brand is more than just a logo and color palette. it’s everything, right down to the voice you put into your posts.
Twitter: if that’s where your audience is, do it. you might think it’s dumb, but if everyone had to agree for something to be popular who knows where most pop stars today would be.
Be nice: referrals are your greatest asset in gaining new business.




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