Eager for an Eiger? Here could be a solution.

10 05 2011

After long-famed for talking rather nonsense than some office-material blog, here I create one. Hope it pleases you, Mister. This is Indonesia’s pride, Eiger.


PT. Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri or well known as Eiger is the most renowned company in Indonesia specialized in manufacturing and retailing of adventure equipments. The company was founded in 1993 by Mr. Ronny Lukito in Bandung. The company name, Eiger, was inspired by mount Eiger, a notable mountain in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland, rising to an elevation of 3,970 meters above sea level. Started with very limited facilities, we launched out to produce bags with only two simple machines at Jalan Cihampelas No. 22 Bandung. And in the same place we opened up a small shop to sell our bags.

Our company produces bags and adventure equipments. Our products come in three main brands, Eiger with the positioning of adventure lifestyle, Bodypack with the positioning of e-lifestyle, and Nordwand with the positioning of outdoor living. Our brands are widely recognized as prominent local brands in Indonesia. In 2009 we are listed as one of the Top 250 Indonesia Original Brands by a distinguished business magazine Swa. It shows our hard work, determination, and day by day commitment to quality excellence and outstanding reputation.

What we have started as a small store and production with only two sewing machine Jalan Cihampelas No. 22 sixteen years ago, has evolved into a market leader in bags and adventure industry in Indonesia. Up to now we owned 6 Eiger Adventure Stores, 18 showrooms, and 88 counters spread around Indonesia.

To become a blessed and blessing visionary global company in adventure and e-lifestyle business. A leading national brand who embodies independences and strength.

1. To invest in holistic human life development by enabling our people to build their character, competence, and compassion in accordance with their calling to become a significant and a content individuals
2. To develop franchise system, e-commerce, and license system as our global distribution strategy.
3. To expand our adventure products and services into three themes; technical adventure, travelling adventure, and e-lifestyle adventure.
4. To expand our e-lifestyle business in the marketplace and cyber market.
5. To shape a world-class organisation system and culture supported by leading innovation and technology.
6. To provide outstanding quality products and services to satisfy our customer requirements.
7. To become a respectful company that has significant role in
– global ecosystem care
– global social culture
– global cyber care
We are a values-driven company and our four core values include the following:

Eiger product range include the following:
1. Bags and Packs
– Rucksacks
– Daypacks
– Shoulder bags
– Waist bags
– Travel bags
– Lumbar bags
– Hydro pack System
– Dry bags
– Biking Bags
– Laptop bags
– Multi purpose bags

2. Clothing
– Jackets: Rain suit, windproof jacket, and knitted jacket
– Shirts : Technical shirts and regular shirts
– Trousers
– T-shirts

3. Headwear
– Caps
– Hats
– Beanies/balaclavas
– Bandannas

4. Footwear
– Shoes
– Sandals
– Socks
– Gaiter

5. Equipment
– Sleeping bags
– Tents
– Gloves
– Equipments: pisau, carabiner, stove, bottle, cooking set, walking stick, axe, torch, hydration flask, dan lain-lain
– Essential Equipments: ruler compass, glow stick

6. Accessories
– Waist belt
– Wallet
– Press advertism
– Gimmick
– Stationeries
– Peripheral

Logo Philosophy


The blue outer circle means the world, while the blue triangle means adventure and the red base means spirit. Therefore, the meaning of our Eiger logo is the spirit of adventure world. The brand Eiger is positioned as lifestyle adventure with the famous tagline The Real Adventure Gear.

The Future

Eiger have done so well ever-since, but in my opinion they could go ever further. It is well proven that they have decent, if not brilliant, quality revolves on their products. It’s about time for them on to grow larger, most notably on marketing and creative area. After gone for quite a time with their famous logo, I think it’s about the time for them to consider a new; fresher one. A reintroduction I would say. Another focal part is the design. While the strength of their product is way beyond questionable, their rigid design have been some kind of a discontent for new customers. The design have been categorized into old and unfashionable. They should think about a way to combine strength and style. How to keep their strength quality on while in still keeping tab on the esthetics.




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